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We can help if your tongue

(frenulum) is too short!


The symptoms of the too short

tongue tie affect your entire life!


Possible problems

- Speech problems

- Snoring

- Better eat soft food

- Frequent swallowing

- Regular headaches

- Teeth grinding

- Strong gag reflex

   when brushing teeth

- Open mouth

- Strong saliva flow

- Skewed teeth

and much more


Possible problems

- Pain when breastfeeding

- Bloating

- Too little milk production

- Permanent breastfeeding

- KiSS syndrome  

- Child falls asleep quickly

   while breastfeeding

- Snoring

- Disquiet

Low or intense

   weight gain

and much more


Possible problems

- Headache or neck pain

- Snoring

- Tinnitus

- Balance problems

- Problems speaking for a long time

- Strain and/or eating problems

- Difficulty kissing

and much more


If some of these are true,

an oral restriction may be present.

Although a tongue or lip that is too short is usually not life-threatening, limitations in the mouth can severely limit life. Let us clarify this with you.


It's possible to be better.

The difference is our

myofunctional separation

using a laser.


We separate in a sensible and reasonable way as much as necessary and as little as possible! Although success is generally immediately recognised, it is not a so-called "quick fix solution". It requires interdisciplinary cooperation with nursing consultants, osteopaths and ENT doctors and many more. 

If necessary, orthodontic pre-treatment is necessary to give the tongue the necessary space!


Incredible relief is

within reach.

How can we help?


We not only attach importance to removing the limitation by using a frenulum that is too short, but also to restoring the conditions for optimum function. Therefore we use an American method, a so-called "functional separation" which goes beyond the conventional, simple cutting of the purely superficial visible frenulum!


Just cutting the visible frenulum is not the right way. We combine extensive surgical and anatomical expertise in our practise with a very gentle and state-of-the-art laser procedure to correctly dissolve lip, tongue and cheek bands. We combine a myofunctional training to restore an optimal function after cutting. 


This intervention is fast and very effective thanks to our know-how! 


This procedure leads to optimal results with our pre- and post-surgical exercises.

We always separate the posterior frenulum during each procedure in order to achieve an optimal function.    

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Just because the frenulum is too short does not mean that it must always be separated!

The tongue consists of several muscles and if their function is restricted, the human body begins to compensate through other structures. These compensations then usually cause the problems!

Therefore, the diagnosis consists of:

1. Anatomical examination and classification

2. Recording of complaints

3. In babies, the mother’s symptoms


From these 2 or 3 components,

we can predict the success of an intervention. 

Innovative laser

technology combined with MFT

(myofunctional training)

How you benefit:

  • Safe treatment with very precise work

  • Significantly reduced side effects such as swelling, functional impairment and pain

  • Surgery without bleeding

  • The laser function stimulates the regeneration and energy production of the cells, thereby minimizing the risk of inflammation and accelerating the healing process

  • Significant time savings


This laser treatment is exclusively a private service and is not covered by the statutory health insurance companies.


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Experiences of our patients

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