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If you show any of these signs, it is worth it for us to perform a non-binding and thorough inspection of your oral restrictions.


Possible signs

to you

- Verspannung im                 

- Tension in the neck area

- Tired, no restful sleep

- Speech problems

- Migraines

- Concentration problems

- Snoring

- Balance problems

- Gagging and/or

   eating problems

- Difficulties with kissing

- Tinnitus

Myofunctional training
The tongue consists of many muscles.

If the tongue band (frenulum) is too short, only a part of the muscles can be addressed depending on the degree of restriction. This causes the unused musculature to atrophy, as if under a plaster bandage.

As with any other muscle, however, this can be rebuilt by training.

We'll show you how!

Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-04 um 10.43.00.png

At the same time, this training is important to ensure an optimal healing process. The aim is that the new frenulum forms as far back as possible in order to achieve optimal function If one were to only separate, one usually does not get full success.

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Access: Pre- and post

surgical training videos




In addition to the oral examination, we will ask you specifically about your sleep behaviour and daily life. During the examination, we measure your anterior and posterior tongue mobility range and can exactly describe your functional limitation. Together we will discuss your individual procedure and whether the intervention would make sense for you.


(Since many patients have a long journey to the hospital, have already done well research in advance or have already spoken about us with treated patients, we offer pre-surgery training for patients who are of age directly afterwards). If we decide for a treatment, then photos will be taken at this appointment and you will be shown individual exercises by our specially trained team in order to control the neurologically pre-operatively the musculature that is "dilated" by the functional limitation. Often breathing exercises are also useful and included.

You will also receive an access code for the videos so that you can continue

the exercises in the comfort of

your own home every day.


3rd APPOINTMENT (possible online)

This is a check to see whether you have practised well, because we are very ambitious and want to have reproducible good results and only then will the surgical appointment be set.



Today, the procedure takes place under local anaesthesia and takes about 10 minutes.

You can then drink and talk immediately. The better you have practised, the more extreme and beautiful is the positive experience! See our videos!



One week later, you come to remove the sutures and to do post-surgical training.

The laser intervention is a private activity and costs about 900 €. This can be conveniently paid in 50 € installments if required.


Comparison images

The frenulum

(tongue band) is located on a fascia that runs through the body to the feet.


After an optimal preparation, the patients feel the relaxed release of the previously inhibited movement restriction immediately after the procedure.


This is a significant advantage of our surgical method.


What our patients say

Zungenband Behandlung bei extrem starken Verspannungen
Zungenbandbehandlung (Erwachsene)
Behandlung von Tinnitus & Kopfschmerzen
Zungenband Behandlung einer ganzen Familie
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