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Problems sleeping, eating, talking or at school?

Your child should then be thoroughly checked for oral restrictions. 


- Speech problems

- Eating problems

- Frequent swallowing

- regular


- Mouth breathing and dark

   rings around the eyes

- Snoring

- Wake up at night

- Bedwetting

- Open mouth

- Teeth grinding

- Strong gag reflex

   when brushing teeth

Possible signs with your child

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Our concept!


We not only attach importance to removing the limitation by using a frenulum that is too short, but also to restoring the conditions for optimum function. Therefore we use an American method, a so-called "functional separation" which goes beyond the conventional, simple cutting of the purely superficial visible frenulum!


Just cutting the visible frenulum is not the right way. We combine extensive surgical and anatomical expertise in our practise with a very gentle and state-of-the-art laser procedure to correctly dissolve lip, tongue and cheek bands. We combine a myofunctional training to restore an optimal function after cutting. 


This intervention is fast and very effective thanks to our know-how! 


This procedure leads to optimal results with our pre- and post-surgical exercises.

We always separate the posterior frenulum during each procedure in order to achieve an optimal function.    

Myofunctional training

The tongue consists of many muscles.

If the tongue band (frenulum) is too short, only a part of the muscles can be addressed depending on the degree of restriction. This causes the unused musculature to atrophy, as if under a plaster bandage.

As with any other muscle, however, this can be rebuilt by training.

We'll show you how!

Our trainers are trained myofunctional therapists and train with your children individually on site in our practice or if you travel from further away,

 also via video. For this purpose, you will receive an access code to our exercise videos,

so that you can continue to train daily at home. See below in the schedule.

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At the same time, this training is important to ensure an optimal healing process. The aim is that the new frenulum forms as far back as possible in order to achieve optimal function If one were to only separate, one usually does not get full success.




Please download the form

observe your child for 1 - 2 weeks. Please bring this completed form with you at your non-binding consultation date.


We will examine your child very closely. Tooth positioning, oral hygiene, posture and oral functions are important components. Together we advise whether the intervention makes sense and then the individual procedure!

Children between their 2nd and 4th year must have serious problems to justify intervention.

These include: 

  • Snoring,

  • sleep apnoea,

  • severe swallowing, 

  • eating and language problems!

Do you see a frenulum, but your child doesn't have any of the above limitations?

Then we wait until their 4th or 5th year. Pre- and post-surgical cooperation with respect to myofunctional therapy is significantly better from this age.


If we decide for a treatment, then photos will be taken at this appointment and your child will be shown individual exercises by our specially trained team in order to pre-surgically control the musculature that is "dilated" by the functional limitation neurologically.


You will also receive an access code for the videos so that you can continue the exercises in the comfort of your own home every day.



3rd APPOINTMENT (possible online)

Here, we check whether the child has practised well, because only then will a surgery appointment be scheduled.


Now, the procedure is performed in children up to about 10 years of age under general anaesthesia (not in babies!). After a previous clarification by our team of anaesthesiologists who specialize in children, the laser procedure is performed in our surgery. After that, the wound is specifically sutured in children and adults (not in babies!).

The procedure takes approx. 30 minutes. When falling asleep and immediately in the wake-up room the parents are naturally with them and the children usually report a positive change immediately! The children are allowed to eat, drink and play normally and go to school or kindergarten the next day!


One week later, you come to remove the sutures and to do post-surgical training.

The therapy is often supported by specially trained speech therapists, as we do NOT offer speech therapy


The laser intervention is a private activity and costs about 680 €. This can be conveniently paid in 50 € installments if required.


What our young patients say

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