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Would you like to

refer your patient?

We would be pleased, if you like to introduce yourself to us by                     

to find out whether you can/wish to assist the patients or whether we decide together to consult other experts in order to ensure optimal support for our patients.

We know how valuable interdisciplinary cooperation is and are looking forward to new dental colleagues, paediatricians, nursing consultants, midwives, speech therapists, osteopaths and physiotherapists who have recognized the effects of oral restrictions!


You do not need to make an accurate assessment of oral restrictions in advance. 

We are happy to do that.


Paediatricians, breastfeeding counsellors and midwives should fill out the following documents for babies in order to clarify the symptoms (e.g. breastfeeding problems, migraines, snoring and neck pain):



Send us these documents in advance to the following e-mail address.

We will then contact you for an appointment.  

 Thank you for your interest!  

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