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Your child is growing well, but you or your baby have some of these symptoms.

then your child should be thoroughly examined for oral restrictions. 


- low/very fast weight gain 

- Milk lining on the tongue

- Unhappy baby 

- Colic and/or flatulence

- Clicking when breastfeeding

- Vomiting

- Snoring

- Falls asleep quickly

   when breastfeeding

- Short nursing intervals

- KiSS syndrome

and much more


signs with

the mother


signs with

the mother

- Pain when breastfeeding

- Deformed nipples

- Too little milk formation

- Use of nipple shields

- Bleeding nipples

- Breast inflammation


- Clogged milk channels

- Infection of milk channels

  (Soor infection)

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" A previously desperate mother at once relaxes to see her child breastfeeding fully. Immediately after the procedure, this is the biggest reward and the reason why I as a dentist can be enthusiastic about this! The tongue is an incredibly important muscle which plays a major role in breastfeeding, language, facial and jaw development, functional breathing and, of course, for taste. If it can work properly, every single patient will benefit from a whole host of benefits. "

ZÄ Carola Engelberts

An extended tongue is
not an indication
of optimal tongue function!


The results take

their time.

The procedure is not a quick-fix solution, because it requires active wound management every 4 to 6 hours for 4 to 6 weeks, so that no false growth occurs, which could then lead to new restrictions.

We aim for a diamond-shaped wound when using laser separation.  

This is automatically the case if you also cut the posterior frenulum. Active wound management by parents is extremely important to ensure that the new frenulum forms as far back as possible.

A good breastfeeding advisor will assist you! 

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1st Step

You first arrange an appointment with a nursing consultant trained in the frenulum. (See our list below)

2nd Step

The breastfeeding counsellor will check her child for oral restrictions, myofunctional and orthopaedic problems, as well as basic breastfeeding difficulties and before the procedure treat or refer accordingly. 

As soon as the child is optimally prepared,

send us your Breastfeeding




to the following e-mail address: 



3rd Step
A member of staff will then contact you at short notice by telephone for an appointment.

4th Step



Please make an appointment with your breastfeeding advisor within the first 3 days after the agreed procedure. 


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After listening to your concerns and conducting a thorough examination, we will help you find the cause of your baby's problems.

When tongue, lip, or cheek bands are the cause, we go beyond conventional cutting or disconnecting and completely loosen them the first time with a modern laser.


During the procedure, we take care of your baby and you can relax in the waiting area, because you must not be present during the actual procedure. After that, of course, breastfeeding is possible directly in our relaxed environment.  


The procedure does not take place under general anaesthesia and the wound is not sutured! 

The laser intervention is a purely

private service and costs approx. € 500.

If necessary, you can pay

this easily in € 50 installments.

5th Step



We separate as much as necessary, as little as possible.

Your child has already been separated incompletely elsewhere?


Even then we can help with our experience and modern equipment, although post-separation is much more difficult! The same procedure applies to you as to all others.

The following applies to all:

the sooner, the better!


So don't wait too long!

vergleichsbild_englisch deutsch.jpg

We can achieve optimal lower jaw development with our proper frenulum separation and with the exercises recommended by us.

This frees the airways and eliminates snoring or breathing noises and the child is optimally supplied with oxygen! 

Erfahrung einer Schlafmedizinerin und Mutter
Schnarchen beim Baby
ZB OP beim Baby mit Stillproblemen
Nachtrennung des Zungenbandes beim Baby mit Stillproblemen
IMG_1447 Kopie_.jpg

Happy baby,

happy mother,

right after separation!


We work exclusively in a team with experienced nursing consultants,

osteopaths and physiotherapists in the treatment of infants. 

 Please arrange at least two appointments

with one of the following qualified breastfeeding

counsellors before you come to us:


Stefanie Weiß (Cologne)

Natascha Makoschey (Cologne)

Eva Fieback (Cologne)


Andrea Böttcher (Eifel)

Katharina von Herff (Near Mannheim)

Katrin Beck (Worms)

Dr. Veronika Langenberg (Münster)

Katja Rösen (Near Konstanz)

Claudia Möckl (Near Darmstadt)


Diana Sleczka (Near Bochum)

Or go to


We had our five-week-old daughter operated on today. Everything went great and we were very happy with everything! Forget the stress of the last five weeks within two days.


Thank you!

Annika Lehmann

(Google Review)

Mutter, die Babyfinger hält
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